With Dr John Stanton of City, University of London, I am the co-author of the new textbook Public Law, aimed at undergraduate students taking modules in Public Law, Administrative Law and Constitutional Law.

Published by Oxford University Press, the third edition, due to be published in May 2022 is available to purchase here.

Public Law can be a difficult student for 18-year-olds to get to grips with, as the combination of law, history and politics means that even the most simple constitutional questions require surprisingly complex answers. This has meant that each chapter aims to introduce the topic to the reader, combined with a critical commentary that expands on the key issues within that topic, giving a flavour of the debate in that area of Public Law.

A distinctive nature of the book is the problem question introduced at the start of each chapter, which places the chapter in its current political, legal and socio-economic context. This chapter then revisits this question explaining how different parts of the question would be resolved through law and the political process. In this way, the reader should develop their understanding of the topic as they progress through the chapter, and see how constitutional principles or rules, which may appear abstract apply to everyday life.

Inevitably, Brexit and the response to the pandemic raise issues that are addressed in many areas of the book. The chapter dedicated to Brexit places the process of leaving the EU in its constitutional context, and online updates explain the latest developments as the negotiations continue.

These online updates are posted on the Online Resource Centre, which supports the book. This contains updates on key developments within Public Law (including on Brexit), answers to the end of chapters questions, further analysis of the problem questions outlined in the book, examples of answers to problem questions similar to those that a reader may see in their exam or coursework and multiple-choice tests.