Public Law (written with Dr John Stanton, City, University of London).
1st edition, Oxford University Press, 2018.
(available from OUP here).

Academic Articles

Select Committees: Understanding and Regulating the Emergence of the ‘Topical Inquiry’ (2019) Parliamentary Affairs, (advanced access) 24 pages.
Available here.

Other Publications

Modern Monarchy and Prorogation
Democratic Audit blog, 17th September 2019
(available at

The Queen and Brexit
Limes – Rivista Italiana di Geopolitica (2019/5) June 2019
2,300-word commissioned article  [in Italian].
An English language version is available here.

Written Evidence on the Effectiveness and Powers of Select Committees
Submitted to the Liaison Committee. The evidence discusses the developing practice of select committees investigating the actions of private individuals and organisations rather than government departments and agencies (available at (June 2019)

Written Evidence on the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011
Submitted to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee as part of their inquiry into the Status of Resolutions of the House of Commons (available at (October 2018)

A “Snap” General Election? It’s Far from a Certainty.
U.K. Const. L. Blog (13th Jul 2016) (available at

Written Evidence on Referendums
Submitted to the House of Commons Public Administration Committee for their inquiry, Lessons Learned from the EU Referendum. My evidence was cited in the Committee’s report (available at (2017)

‘Engaging the Public’
As part of the Constitution Project, a joint venture between the Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies at King’s College London and the Political & Constitutional Reform Select Committee, I was asked to consider how the public could be involved in a process that could, ultimately, result in a codified constitution for the UK. This research informed the Select Committee’s report A New Magna Carta published in July 2014.

Conference Report: Prisoner Voting and the Constitution, UCL.
UK Const. L. Blog (9th July 2014) (available at

‘“Interdisciplinary Uncertainty” – A Report from Conference on the Teaching of Public Law’.
UK Const. L. Blog (2nd July 2013) (available at

‘The Union, Constitutional Change and Constitutional Conventions (and English Regionalism?)’
UK Const. L. Blog (3rd April 2013) (available at

‘Fundamental Principles of EU Law’
Manual on EU Law for the Romanian Judiciary, Slynn Foundation (2008)